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Founded in 2014, Challenge Compagny efficiently supports private economic actors and political decision-makers. Saving time in project development or in fundraising is an essential asset in any type of information system. So we support our clients in their various prospecting and acquisitions within impressive timeframes.
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Areas of competence


Having a large network of financial institutions and merchant banks, we support our clients in setting up projects and seeking funding:


  • Identification of the investment opportunity

  • Validation of the feasibility of projects and coordination of the necessary follow-ups.

  • Development of business plan, buildup of the financial model and writing of the investment file.

  • Assistance in responding to calls for tenders, (including aspects of financial modeling and structuring).

  • Coordination with client teams in charge of preparing technical files.

  • Fundraising (equity, debts), negotiation of investment agreements and all other necessary documentation.

  • Assistance au closing in closing the investment.


We provide you with legal assistance and a debt collection service to secure all your transactions and partnerships. Challenge Compagny deals in:


  • Legal assistance

    • The drafting of legal acts

      • Commercial contracts

      • Civil and professional contracts

      • Statutes and rules of procedure

      • Unilateral acts

    • External management of law firms

      • Advice on the management of work personnel

      • Assistance in the application of social laws

      • Settlement of professional disputes

      • Advice and representation in business contracts

    • Litigation management

      • Administrative litigation

      • Commercial litigation

      • Civil litigation

  • Debt collection

    We offer professional support from amicable recovery to judicial recovery.

  • Management of the amicable recovery procedure

    • Reminders

    • Formal notice

  • Management of the judicial recovery procedure

    We find the procedure adapted to your case, with the aim of recovering your arrears quickly while preserving your relationships with your debtors as much as possible.

    • Obligation to pay

    • Provisional interim measures

    • Summons to the merits

Strategic communication

Our firm helps you to put your projects into perspective over the long term, through the appropriate social media.

From “Personal branding” to “Corporate branding”, we act according to a finely developed process:


  • Competitive Audit of perception (internal and external), reputation and technical and human resources

  • Image consistency with the brand and its positioning and brand development projects

  • Definition of the target

  • Planning the chronological stages of implementation of the strategic plan and return on investment milestones

  • Help with implementation

  • Iteration of the strategic plan continuously


Our expertise is tripartite
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Political lobbying

« Challenge Compagny » offers a global approach to meet all of your problems, whether participating in public decisions or managing a crisis situation.


Decision makers, relays, allies, ask yourself the right questions.


Are your contacts the right ones?

Do you know in what political context your request should be placed?

Do you know how to publicize the issues of your files?


We support you at each stage of your strategy to allow you to act at the right time, to address the right person with appropriate messages and in touch with the issues of the moment.


Finally, we put our customers in contact with influential personalities and we facilitate the processing of files with public administrations.

Corporate lobbying

Challenge Compagny supports its clients, multinational and private businessmen, in the development of influence strategies with decision-makers by enabling them to promote their projects and initiatives.


In collaboration with our customers and according to their needs, we design support plans in relation to the challenges of their files.

To do this, we target potential partners and maintain a lasting relationship in the interest of our customers.


The reputation of Challenge Compagny lies in its ability to deploy strong strategies with politico-economic actors at the national, regional and international level.


Decision makers, relays, allies, ask yourself the right questions.
Are your contacts the right ones?
Do you know in what political context your request should be placed?
Do you know how to publicize the issues of your files?


We offer the following services:


    • Legal negotiation of contracts

      • Prospecting

      • Management of talks

      • Closing

    • Signing of contracts

      • Analysis

      • Signing

    • Monitoring of current surveys

      • Establishment of regular contact

      • Acceleration of negotiations

      • Closing

    • Monitoring of administrative and / or contractual files

        • Contact with the relevant administrations (private or public)

        • Speeding up procedures

    • On-site secretarial management

      • Reception and issuance of administrative documents

      • Receiving and making calls

      • Preparation of files

      • Monitoring and reporting on the evolution of the company’s activities


Do you want to benefit from or react quickly to a business opportunity, meet a commercial, professional or administrative requirement without having to travel?
Our representative office will take care of it for you.
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Strongly motivated by will to inject a « new mindset » into the actors of African development, we take a modern approach to socio-economic and political situations.

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